Durt Restore

Fluvic and humic acid to replenish

Diet, stress and the daily demands of life can be hard on the body. Bring yours back to optimal health by replenishing it with all the good stuff.
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Suggested use:

Add 1 packet of Restore to 16 fl. oz. of filtered water or drink of choice. Take 1-2 times per day for optimal health benefits.

Ingredient highlights

Mineral rich

Each packet is loaded with important minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium and many more for bone, muscle, heart and brain health

Acid-alkaline balance

High alkalinity helps neutralize acid in the body to maintain an ideal acid-alkaline balance


Fulvic and humic acid work to bind toxins and remove them from the body


Rich in antioxidants to fight free radical damage and protect cells

9 Restore benefits

May enhance nutrient absorption

May boost immune system

May assist pH balance

May aid in detoxification

May aid digestion

May improve sleep

May decrease inflammation

May increase vitality

May help circulation